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Maki, Hair Stylist & Owner

Maki from Sapporo is the soul of iramasure.

She has learned her haircutting skill in the Tokyo-Hollywood Hairdresser school. She has passed the examination for professional hairdresser in “the hair laboratory” Tokyo, whereupon it was followed by Employment at Mod’s hair in Sapporo. In this period she could teach trainees, it was her labor of love and  made her a lot of fun. Over 20 years she has developed her international career and refined her skill continuously though various hair salons in Japan and Germany.

In Berlin she found her domicile, worked in a Japanese hair salon and has passed the master examination of hairdresser in 2015. The dream of her own hair salon has come true with the grand opening of iramasure in May 2016.

​Akama, Hair Stylist
​Akama, Hair Stylist

From Tokyo

2003 graduated hairdresser training

2007 - 2009 in London

2009 - 2015 in Tokyo

2015.3 -  in Berlin

Since Autumn 2018 at iramasure team

Marie, Hair Stylistin
Hitomi, Hair Stylist
Takuya, Hair Stylist
​Akama, Hair Stylist
Hitomi, Hair Stylist

 Price list 

Women from 45 € - , Men from 40€ -

Children from 18 €-

Hair Cut
incl. wash & dry

Hair cut & colour : women from100€, men from 85€ -

Balayage from 85€ -         and more


Head Spa Express 15€

Head Spa & hair cut    from 70€ -

And more

Head Spa

Preis List

Further menu and price list

Daily arrange 15€

Updo from 40€ -


Perm & Hair cut   from 120€

Digital perm & Hair cut   from 140€

Thermal hair straightening & hair cut    from 220€  and more


Abend & Gala Make-up 50€,

Make-up & Styling 100€

fresh Up,  consulting and more

Make up

Here to Treatwell booking

Within 5 weeks,

get 5€ discount

Within 7 weeks,

get 5€ discount

Within 7 weeks,

 get 5€ discount


iramasure | Hair Studio

@ Schöneberg


10781 Berlin



Gärtnerstraße 11

10245 Berlin

Opening Hours

Tue. - Fri.         10.30 - 19.30

Sat.                10.00 - 18.00

Sun. + Mon.  closed